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7 easy tricks to make your phone charge faster

Mobile technology has made people’s lives easier and hassle-free. When mobile technology is bringing scores of benefits to people at the same time, it is also coming up with one drawback which is the need to charge it when it is running out of battery health. Scores of people out there are quite annoyed with their mobile charging routines which take a great deal of time. However, the good news is that there are ways to speed up the mobile charging process.

Talesation has shared 7 easy tricks that will help you charge your mobile phones faster which takes less time and less effort.

  1. Don’t use a wireless charger
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Wireless charging has become a new way of charging mobile phones. Although the wireless chargers may look futuristic to you the fact is it is not really too good for charging. A wireless charger takes twice more time as a cable charger. Charging the phones through cable chargers lets power goes into your phones directly. However, with wireless chargers, power becomes lost in the form of heat which takes extra time to charge your phones. So, it is better to charge the phones with a cable charger.

2. Buy a fast charger

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A fast charger works by quickly charging the phone up to the full percentage limit and then drops down to a normal charging percentage level. New and faster chargers coming today in the market have a power output that ranges from 18W to 100W. However, the power range for a standard USB 2.0 is 2.5W. A charger with more power output means it will take less time to fully charge your phones.

3. Switch to power-saving mode

Putting your phones in power-saving mode is the most effective tip for saving your phone’s battery health. A power-saving mode will expand the time period of the phone’s battery and will make your phone battery last longer. Putting the phones on the power-saving mode will decrease the data usage, CPU function, and screen brightness which will not let the battery drain too quickly.

4. Manage your apps

There are some applications on the phone which keep running in the background and affect the performance of the phone. At the same time, it does not mean forcing shutting all those running apps. Force shutting all the applications in the phone will actually make your phones use more power. However, you can go to the battery setting and restrict those apps in the background that are using the most battery.

5. Don’t forget to clean the charging port

There is another reason that is not letting your phones charge faster. This might be due to dust, dirt, or lint accumulated in your charging port. As these are non-conductive, it takes less power from the cable to charge your phones. So, it is always better to clean your charging port with compressed air. Or, you can use a toothpick to clean your charging port.

6. Buy a new battery

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Lithium in battery degrades over time. Even after trying different tricks to charge your phones faster does not work, it is now time to change your battery. Slow charging is an indication that your battery needs to be changed. Before your battery starts affecting your phone’s performance, change your battery before it is too late.

7. Don’t let your mobile phones get very hot

It is always best to keep your phones protected from too much heat. Leaving your phones in the sun or keeping the covers on while charging the phones decrease the heat and makes your phones charge slower. To keep the phones cool, switching them off while charging or charging them in a cool room can prevent your phones from heating up.