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The 7 most expensive airlines around the world

As there are scores of low-cost airplanes in the world, there are still some expensive flights that offer the most luxurious flying experience. These expensive flights are way too different from the standard ones and are different and majestic from the others.

Talesation has come up with the list of the most expensive flights in the world that offer a truly incredible luxurious experience and their prices are completely worth it. Take a look at these and book yourself the flight that suits you the best.

  1. New York to Tokyo – ANA 1st Class – $15,000

As Japanese culture is recognized for its respect and honor, there is no doubt that one will get to experience the top-notch service on an ANA flight. The 1st class offers everything beyond the level and offers everything at your fingertips. With quality luxuries and high privacy, you can experience the most high-value service. However, surprisingly, this flight takes $15,000 and is the cheaper of all.

2. New York to Abu Dhabi – Etihad A380 Apartments – $16,000

Etihad is the second-largest carrier in the UAE where you can experience luxury on any Etihad flight. Traveling through Eithad A380 is the most luxurious flight experience. The first-class plane apartments are the first in the world. At 40 square feet, this apartment plane offers complete autonomy and a bench extends in the front to a bed that allows you comfortable sleeping on long flights.

3. New York to Singapore – Virgin Atlantic Upper Class – $20,000

Richard Branson is very well-known for his exorbitant and luxurious preferences. However, there is no surprise that his company Virgin Atlantic has among the world’s most expensive flights. The upper-class cabin is very similar to First class cabin in planes. With high privacy, stylish luxury, a drinking bar, and much more, you can expect almost everything.

4. New York to Hong Kong – Cathay Pacific 777 1st Class – $20,000

Cathay Pacific is recognized among the most superior flights around the world. At 36 inches wide, these cabins are the most spacious and can be easily converted into a bed for a comfortable sleep on the flight. Along with the comfort and luxury, you can also expect high-quality and delicious food. On the whole, the flight offers the best flight experience.

5. New York to Singapore – Swiss Air First Class – $22,000 (round trip)

Swiss Air serves as your home above the clouds. It offers everything from luxury amenities to complimentary pajamas which justifies the statement of your home is above the clouds. Even the food served on the flight is extremely delicious which makes the overall flight experience even more joyful. However, it is not spacious as the others but does allow enough baggage for passengers.

6. New York to Beijing – Korean Air  First Class – $27,000

Korean Air has first-class suites that are officially recognized as Prestige Suites. These cabins have a touchpad that controls everything like 17″ inch flat-screen TVs, fully reclining seats, and much more. You can enjoy all the luxuries with full privacy and the best food ever. However, unfortunately, there are only limited flights that offer this service. So, make sure to get yourself booked on time.

7. San Francisco to Abu Dhabi – Etihad Airways – $28,000

This flight is included in the second listing of Etihad flights. This incredible flight comes with super comfortable leather seats, middle eastern menus, and a 23-inch flat-screen TV. Moreover, you can also find a minibar fully packed with so many eating items that are delicious. You are sure to get a luxury experience on this flight.