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5 hidden iPhone hacks that everyone should know

http://TikTok creator @letsdodiz

Your iPhone has so many hidden secrets that you probably don’t know before. The Apple company has put many secrets out of your sight. You can find those hidden features inside iMessage, Safari, and calculator.

There are many iPhone users who have been using the iPhone for many years but are still not aware of these secrets. Fortunately, the tiktoker @letsdodiz has shared five hidden iPhone hacks that every user should know.

The video got more than 50,000 likes and it’s clearly famous now.

1. You can find the first hidden secret inside iMessage.

If you are disgusted with so many notifications then you can hide alerts. All you have to do is simply go to the chats feed and hold down the chat you want to hide alerts. Simply click on hide alerts and your notifications will be put hidden.

2. You can pin any chat with the same above method

If you are tired of finding your favorite chat in the long chat list then this trick might be for you. Now you can keep your favorite chat at the top by locking the conversation at the top all the time.

3. Safari Hack

Type anything in the web address and hold down the full stop icon. You will see a range of common domains that end with .com or .net. This is the quickest way to complete your web address.

4. Calculator App

If you have made any mistake with the digits then you don’t have to remove everything and start over again. You can simply use your finger in swiping motion to remove any digit.

5. Apple app known as Measure

You can find this app by dragging it down from the top of your screen and then search Measure. This app will help you measure objects without using a measuring tape. The app Measure works best on the new iPhone models that have depth scanning sensors.

Bonus iPhone Trick

Your iPhone has a handy tool that allows you to load all content of the menu or menu onto your main screen quickly. You have to update your iPhone to the latest iOS version. For Updating the software go to settings, then click on General, and lastly click on software update to check.

The live text feature will allow you to copy and paste the text onto your screen simply by pointing your iPhone to a real-world object. This feature is very helpful to capture notes from a whiteboard at the end of the class, meeting, or anything.

Grasp any object that has a text on it. Open the camera from your iPhone. Point the camera in the direction of the object and tap on the indicator that appears on the lower right of your screen. As soon as you will tap on the screen, the text will jump out on the screen by giving a few options to copy, select, translate, and share.

You also have the option to use the Live text feature on already existing photos that are in your photo library. Simply open any photo from your gallery and tap on the text in the picture to select and highlight it.