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8 brides found their wedding dresses without breaking the bank and proved they looked the best by posting their pictures

Every girl dreams of wearing a beautiful dress for their wedding day. Choosing the perfect dress for the wedding day is no more than a hassle and that too in finding the perfect dress on a reasonable budget. The average cost of a wedding dress in the US costs about $1000. Everyone cannot afford this amount of money to spend on the dress that they are not going to wear anytime soon or later. A subreddit called weddingunder10k is best for those people who are looking to find a dress on a reasonable budget. Each bride and groom share their experience even if they are saving a dollar or two. Here are the pictures of the people who have shared their pictures with their wedding dress and didn’t have to spend a lot of money on them. It doesn’t mean that all expensive dresses are prettier.  1. This dress was $170 on Etsy, the veil was $170 and also the alteration costs the same, too excited for the small Airbnb wedding. Hope it doesn’t get cancelled. 2. This bridal costs is $82. I thought that I had found my wedding dress months before until I got this in my mail. ...